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KFP7237 – KFP7254 for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

KFP Magnum semi-metallic brake pads have a proprietary ceramic heat shield integrally molded and designed especially for high temperature applications to minimize heat transfer found in auto racing. The KFP engineered composite brake is a non-asbestos friction brake that matches or exceeds the proficiency of any other racing brake.

KFP Magnum Pads are made from the highest quality materials available and combine carbon, metal, and an array of other high performance elements. Our precision design along with rigorous quality control that follows each brake from the start of production to the finish grind – ensuring that each pad performs identically.

How to Buy KFP Magnum Pads

KFP Racing Brake Pads Order
KFP Magnum Pads - 1935 .360 COF
KFP Magnum Pads - P42A .470 COF
KFP Magnum Pads - P4211 .490 COF
KFP Magnum Pads - 6090 .500 COF
KFP Magnum Pads - P1101 .530 COF
KFP Magnum Pads - 2003 .550 COF
KFP Magnum Pads - 2005 .650 COF
KFP Magnum Pads Ceramic Heat Shield
KFP Magnum Brake Pads for Racing


KFP Magnum Brake Pads

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles – KFP7237 – KFP7254

Available in SEVEN compounds for your racing needs (with ceramic heat shield):

  • ORGANIC 6090 – .500 coefficient of friction (Green)
  • ###################
  • SEMI-METALLIC 2005 ~ .650 coefficient of friction (Orange)
  • SEMI-METALLIC 2003 ~ .550 coefficient of friction (Purple)
  • SEMI-METALLIC P1101* ~ .530 coefficient of friction (Red)
  • SEMI-METALLIC P4211* ~ .490 coefficient of friction (Blue)
  • SEMI-METALLIC P42A* ~ .470 coefficient of friction (Gold)
  • ###################
  • NO ceramic heat shield:
  • SEMI-METALLIC 1935 ~ .360 coefficient of friction (Silver)


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KFP Magnum Pads - Warranty Policy

KFP Magnum Pads Limits of Warranty

Kerr Friction Products/KFP Magnum Pads warrants only that its products are constructed to general industry standards and have passed KFP’s own plant inspection. Because of the grave and unavoidable dangers involved in racing, KFP makes no warranty, expressed or implied, of any product’s suitability for use, not withstanding its history of successful product usage. KFP, again, makes no warranty whatsoever regarding it’s products safety or application. Further, KFP disclaims any liability in tort for damages, direct or consequential including personal injuries resulting from a malfunction or from a defect in design material, workmanship, or manufacture whether caused by negligence on the part of KFP or otherwise. By using KFP components, or allowing it to be used by others, the buyer and user waive any liability of KFP for personal injuries or other damages arising from such use. The above shall apply to all products KFP supplies whether or not designed, manufactured, imported, warehoused, distributed, or sold by KFP.