Pauric Incorporated was founded in 1995 to handle inside sales for Kerr Friction Products, Inc. KFP(Kerr Friction Products) is a manufacturer of high performance brake pads for the racing industry. KFP products are known worldwide in racing circles for not only their stopping power, but also for their low rotor wear. KFP Brake Pads come in various friction levels for numerous racing applications.

Although KFP manufactures several different materials with various friction levels, our most popular friction material is the gold semi-metallic 1942. It has proven itself to be very popular among racing enthusiasts.

For the last few years we have been working on a high performance organic material for stainless steel rotors for motorcycles to compliment our semi-metallic lineup primarily for racing applications. After extensive field testing, we believe that our 6090 material is ideal for motorcycle applications.

KFP manufactures over 650 different configurations of brake pads for many different applications. If you have a unique application, or are having a difficult time finding brake pads for your application, please take a minute to contact us online or call 888-289-9757.

We more than likely have the KFP Magnum Brake Pads you are looking for.